Spokane Summer - my 2016 poetry project:

I wrote this book of poetry the summer before I came out. I had been selling them at Aunties and at Atticus. And I still have a few copies left (half a box). If you want one, just email me and I will get one to you. No charge unless I have to mail it, then you  have to pay for postage and the envelope. Here is a poem sample to ascertain if this is really your cup of tea:

Sky Kisser

Heroic meth man

Shackled and cuffed

Naked and rolling on the floor

“The bomb IS in THERE!”

Decaying drywall is no match for his bare feet

His toes almost poke Steve in the eye

As he stands on the stairs – blinking

A foot explodes in blood and dust through a ragged hole

The new guy huddles by me and my electric clipboard

Blood flies and flies dip in our faces

Cops are afraid

Afraid of him dying

Pedestrians step over glass and furniture below

A catapulted communication from above

Syringed sedatives slow nothing

Marlin Perkins did better with his dart gun

He will not stay buckled in – teetering on the brink

Trying to warn us of his secret mission

Indestructible, supercharged and textile free

We hold him gently like a baby bomb

Swaddled in a tarp

Down stairs – past doors with nonsensical numbering

A four-floor carry to a welcoming gurney – Valhalla

Your mission is complete

You have landed

Cops and firefighters wipe off your super blood

The stuff of legends and foretold in stars