Someone asked me to paint a lotus for them. I just didn't like the idea of painting something so generic. So, I asked him to tell me about himself. His story was one of battling hard for what he believed in and he had overcome a lot. The luchador here is pulling the red lotus (a symbol of love) toward himself. In doing so, he is pulling himself out of darkness and into light.  Acrylic.

Three tikis guard an island. Lava is quenched by a wave of poi. Meanwhile, some yellow tang and a humuhumunukunukuapua'a frolic under the sea. An octopus tells them to stay off of his lawn. Oil.

This painting was inspired by expressionist religious art from the early 1900s. The scene is Spokane Community College. SCC's mascot is sasquatch. St. Francis preaches to sasquatch.  Which St. Francis? St. Francis of Spokane Community College. Get it? Hint... Wordplay!  Oil.

When I was a kid, the only piece of nonreligious art we had in our home was a very large oil painting of a Parisian street scene. I would put my hands on the bumps of oil paint and be transported to a place I had only seen on TV. Buffy, Jody and the Family Affair gang had spent some special episodes there, so I felt like I could probably make my way around. How my father came to acquire this painting was somewhat scandalous. Back in 2007, I discovered my sister had this painting and there was no way she was going to part with it. So, I took a bunch of pictures, planning to one day have the skills to reproduce it. Thirteen years later I did. It is huge. Four feet wide. The original is below. Maeve est folle! Oil.

I made this for my mom. I didn't have a good picture of her as a little girl. Her dad really does look like his pictures, though. That's their cabin in northern Minnesota. My mom wants to go go go and her dad really loves her so much! Oil.

Like a lot of people, I have dealt with anxiety, depression and PTSD. I am pretty good now. But when I look at this painting, I can remember I was really down. To be honest, I find this very peaceful but very sad too. Maybe a little scary. I think that is me in the rock. Oil.

My first oil painting. I wanted to do something Christmas cardy. I did.

My only abstract. Transitional Fire Attack. Blue and pink hoses form a tangled heart in a fire. I was transitioning from male to female and wanted to use the pink and blue to show a way in and out. Oil