The Rocks of Sharon. Great hiking place with weird rock formations. I swear there is one that looks like General  Ursus from Planet of the Apes. I should paint that next. Oil. Canvas

Sasquatch skull with antenna intact. Mounted on cedar. This is an altar to be hung on the wall of a bad child.  Cleramic. Wood.

"Island Girl." Oil on canvas. It's big (2'x4'). I think it is somewhat autobiographical. That is my face. The legs not so much.


Sarah and I had our 30th wedding anniversary in 2021. So, I painted Sasquatch holding our truck and pointing it at Mt. Rainier. I did the oil painting on quarter inch plywood and then glued it to three quarter inch. Then I laid down a lot of varnish on it. We use it as a table top for cocktails while camping.

Our son Aidan got married in December of 2021 in Phoenix. His beautiful bride Natalie's parents hosted the wedding at their home in the desert. When we came back home, I painted this little picture. as a gift for them. It's called "Hey, follow me!" Oil on canvas.

In September of 2021, I had a colonoscopy. In the middle of the procedure, I was awakened. The colon team  was pointing at the video monitor. They wanted to show me something and they seemed to be agitated. I said I was in pain, so they put me back down in the haze of propofol. After the colonoscopy, the doctor came in and said, "We were unable to do all of the exam because of a 'suboptimal prep.'" I said, "What?" And he explained "Corn." Then he handed me a picture of the offending diverticula.

So, I was determined to paint him a really good likeness of the photo. When I finished I  sent the painting to him with a thank you card.

To this day, I have not received a thank you note or any other acknowledgement. I think this is rude.

"SUBOPTIMAL PREP" Oil on canvas.