I made this for my brother Joe. He and I share a love of fishing, science fiction, Peter Sellers and David Bowie. Where's David Bowie? Oh Ziggy Stardust is there. Peter Sellers is not. I tried to convey earthly and celestial beauty in a weird, hallucinatory revelry. Oil.

This goldfinch loved playing in the beets. But, every once in a while, he would pop up on a poppy stalk and say "howdy!" Oil.

A very real sunflower from the garden in a vase doing the Eye of Sauron dealio on some imagined plain. Oil.

A self-portrait in full-on captain splendor.  At my station - these things ruled : dolphins, unicorns and narwhals. Here is a link to a  story of the museum we established at Station 3. Later on sasquatch joined the gang. Acrylic.

I wanted to do one of those sad-eyed kid paintings. I used a  school picture of my wife Sarah to work from. She looked pretty angry, like she had more important things to do than get her picture taken. In these piaintings, a girl is usually holding a cat. Sarah has a chicken. I think chickens are cooler. Oil.

Mary is a constant visitor to our station. She keeps us apprised on the movements of the aliens, sasquatch, Kim Jong and dinosaurs in tour neighborhood. One day she was reading "Mars magazine" at Safeway. A guy came up to her and said "Don't have too much fun." Mary asked me why he would sat that to her. I asked if she was. "Was I what?" she asked back. "Were you having too much fun?" She thought about it and said "Maybe." Sasquatch has Mary's hat, magazine and heart. Acrylic.

Mr. Spock has a date. She is supposed to meet him at the Parkade. Is she a no-show? Probably it's for the best. For inside his lilac bouquet is also one of those spore flowers from Omicron Ceti3.  Mr. Spock! Oil.

A koi at Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden. A bulbous bush (?) wants to give the fish a hug. Mostly fingerpainted. Oil.